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Inventory can be a vital part of a loan and CSI offers a variety of reports and tools to make analyzing a client's inventory faster and easier.
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The inventory analysis is a detailed process that provides lenders the ability to view the data at the summary or detail level with a few clicks of the mouse. CSI understands that each deal is different and requires customized reporting. CSI is willing to work with all deals to provide high quality reports and tools.
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CSI reports provide accurate, detailed information that includes items by value and by description along with trend reports that show non-moving items and cost changes per item. CSI can tailor special reports based on the information provided in the files and the lenders particular needs.
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CSI is able to accommodate several file formats. CSI also provides a support team that works with the lender or the borrower (at the lender's request) to help with file formats, monthly reminders for sending files, and other issues that may occasionally arise.
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